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Little Mystery Bag


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Order your Mystery Bag today! All you have to do is choose the size.

In our little Mystery Bag there are 2 garments/parts. These are parts from previous collections that have expired, samples, products with defects, cracks and blemishes that are flawless and at regular price would be sold for approx. SEK 500-1000. 

In your mystery bag you can find e.g. pants, skirts, dresses, jewelry, accessories, makeup, etc. Read the questions & answers below to get a clear picture of what the Mystery Bag is and what to expect!

There may also be accessories/make-up and other fun!

Is it the same in all Mystery Bags?

Every Mystery Bag is different and it is chance that determines what you get in your particular Mystery Bag. If you order two Mystery Bags, you will not get exactly the same contents in each!

Can I wish for what I will get in my Mystery Bag?

You can choose the size, but you cannot wish for which garments you want in your Mystery Bag.

What is meant by the fact that there may be defects on the garments?

Defects mean e.g. stains, cracks, loose seams, missing buttons, etc. This can occur on the garments in the Mystery Bag, but it is far from all garments that have defects and most can be repaired if you are a little handy.

What is the value of the clothes that I get in my Mystery Bag?

The value of the clothes in the Little Mystery Bag is approx. SEK 500-1500 depending on which garments you get home.

Are there more types of Mystery Bags?

Yes, we also have a Big Mystery Bag where you get 6 items for the price of SEK 499. The value of the clothes in the Big Mystery Bag is approx. SEK 2000-4000. Order it here !

Does a set count as one garment or two garments?

A set with two parts counts as two garments.

Is the Mystery Bag a bag or a box?

The Mystery Bag is a bag, your garments will be delivered in an e-commerce bag with a handle and the DM logo on it.

How are the products sized?

Most of our customers find the products that come in the Mystery Bag to be small in size, so please order a size larger than what you usually wear.

No exchange / return on Mystery Bag!

A really good deal & an exciting surprise in one!

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Little Mystery Bag



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