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About cookies

At, cookies, pixels and similar tracking technology are used which give us information about your device and store information on your device. Below we call all such types of tracking "cookies".

We use necessary cookies in order to:
  • remember your choices,
  • be able to show videos and Instagram posts on the website
  • the website should work
  • for you to be able to use your member account, and
  • in order to pay correct compensation to our affiliate network.
If you agree, we also use the following types of cookies:
    • Preference cookies. To customize your experience of the website according to your preferences, purchase and navigation history.
    • Analysis and statistics cookies. To improve the website and our offer using analysis.
  • Marketing cookies. To be able to show relevant marketing from us on other pages and social media such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and Bing.
In this text, you can read about how we use cookies, e.g. why we do it and how you can avoid them. In our cookie summary at the bottom, you will also find a more detailed description of the cookies we use and how long we use each cookie.

You can avoid cookies
    • Through settings in your browser you can block certain types of cookies. In that case, your browser automatically denies the use of these cookies or informs you every time a website (such as ours) requests to use that type of cookie.
    • When you visit our website, you can choose to disagree that we use certain types of cookies. You can also revoke a given consent at any time, and you do it the easiest way further down on this page.
    • After your visit you can review and delete the permanent cookies that have been stored on your browser.

You can delete all cookies in your browser. If you block or delete necessary cookies, the website will not function as intended and you will not be able to use all of the website's functions. Below we have explained what happens if you block or delete such cookies.

Responsible for the use of cookies
We at Dennis M AB with organization number 556923-4999 is responsible for the use of cookies on the website.
You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our use of cookies or wish to object to our use of cookies. You can reach us at Our postal address is Box 48, 711 21 Lindesberg, Sweden.

You have the right to complain
If you want more information about cookies or want to file a complaint about our handling, you can contact the supervisory authority for cookies. In Sweden, it is the Post and Telecommunications Board.

Cookies used after your visit
Some cookies (so-called "permanent cookies") will continue to be used by your browser even after you have visited our website, while other cookies (so-called "temporary cookies" or "session cookies") are only used temporarily.

You can read more about how long we use cookies in our detailed cookie summary at the bottom.

Third-party cookies, third-party services and personal data
We mainly use standard so-called "http cookies" but also place more advanced pixel cookies from Google , Facebook , Bing (Microsoft) , Symplify and several other suppliers. These third parties will in some cases use the information collected for their own purposes and will inform you separately of their processing.

To protect your privacy, we have taken measures to avoid identifying you as a user of our website. For example. only an encrypted version of your IP address is saved so that it is basically impossible for us to trace who you are. When we process information that can be directly or indirectly linked to you as an individual, we inform you about this in our privacy policy.

The use of third parties means in some cases that your personal data risks being transferred outside the EU/EEA. In our privacy policy, we also explain what it means that the information is transferred outside the EU/EEA.

Cookies that you can consent to
Some cookies are only used if you yourself have consented to it. If you do not agree, we will ask the same question the next time you visit our website. Your consent is of course voluntary and you can withdraw it at any time.

At the bottom of our cookie summary you will find a detailed summary of the cookies we use, which suppliers the cookies come from and how long each cookie is used.

Analysis and statistics cookies

To improve the website and our offer

    • To analyze how you use our website , cookies from Google's analysis tool Google Analytics are placed. These cookies place a random ID on your device in order to distinguish visitors and see patterns of website usage.

      We collect information about your encrypted IP address, your geographic location and other information about how you use the website, e.g. what you click on and where you surf from and how many times you have visited the website. The information is used to optimize function, load speed and change the website to suit our visitors.

      You can avoid cookies from Google Analytics by downloading and installing this browser program.

If you block/delete these cookies, we will have a poor basis for developing the website.

Marketing cookies

To show you relevant marketing

    • We use cookies to show you relevant marketing and to follow up such marketing when you visit other websites or social media.

      We use our own cookies and cookies from other suppliers. Among other things, Google's marketing tool Google Ads and from marketing services belonging to Facebook , Bing (Microsoft) , Criteo and Snapchat .

      The tools mean that you see search results and advertising banners from us based on the analysis made of how you used our website and based on other information that the suppliers have about you (so-called "profiling"). Based on the tracking, we can also adapt our website and our services to better suit our customers.

      Here you can make choices for the marketing you see from Google and here on Facebook under the heading ad settings (ad settings) you can choose which marketing you want to see on Facebook

If you block/delete these cookies, you will see less relevant marketing.

To be able to share content from the website

  • In order for you to be able to share content from the website , we use cookies that enable you to share content on social media and on other websites.

Necessary cookies
These cookies are placed on your browser when you use our website. They are necessary to provide a service that you have expressly requested, so your consent is not needed.

At the bottom you will find a detailed summary of the cookies we use, which suppliers the cookies come from and how long each cookie is used.

To remember your choices and what you've clicked on

    • To remember which country's version of the website and currency you want to see , cookies are used that save such information. This ensures that you see the correct currency and language.
    • To remember which products you have marked as liking, cookies are used that save information about your like marking.
    • In order to remember which products you have placed in the shopping cart during the ordering process, cookies are used that save such information.
    • To display products in the way you have chosen , a cookie is used which means that we can adapt your user experience.
    • To remember if you have consented , we continue to save information about your consent using cookies. We use both our own cookies and cookies from other suppliers.

If you block/delete these cookies, we cannot remember your choices but show you a version of the website that is not adapted for you. In addition, we need to collect new information the next time you visit the website.

To display videos and Instagram posts on the website

    • In order to be able to show films on the website , we use cookies from YouTube and Vimeo.
    • In order for us to be able to display Instagram posts on the website , we use cookies.

If you block/delete these cookies, videos and Instagram photos will not work properly.

For the website to function

    • In order to technically be able to provide a well-functioning and secure website , we keep track of your session using cookies, i.a. from Shopify. These cookies create a unique ID for your session and make the website work in the best way, means that we avoid spam and ensure sufficient security by recognizing you during the visit.
    • To test that the website works without problems , we use cookies that give us information about the use of the website. Based on the information, we change the website to function in the best way.
    • To adapt the website to your device , we use cookies that collect information about your device. Based on such information, we adapt the website view so that you see the number of products suitable for the device you are using.
If you block/delete these cookies, the website does not function and/or optimally.

So that you can use your member account
    • In order for you to be able to use the website in logged-in mode , we use cookies that remember that you have logged in after you have entered your login details.
If you block/delete these cookies, you need to log in again.


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